3 June 2010

Green Weekend

So, our holiday. :) First a couple of days with Leanne, Cat, and the tummy-dwelling Kitten.Roo signing milkThe beach, stony and austerely beautiful. Woad growing on the cliffs (cue WAY too much excitement from me) and stones in the new felted collecting bag I made for my big girls.Henna and tie-dye baby clothes!On to the Green Parent weekend in the Forest of Dean. So wonderful to see each other again!The stream, zipwire, climbing, activities and a whole lot of fun and sunshine.Common room chaos. Friendships and crafting and little wild laughing children staying up til long after dark.

The last evening, fire lit by Luke and a wonderful shared open-air meal. What an amazing weekend!


  1. It looks like you had a fab time on the GP holiday, and I love the fire photo! Exactly what is that huge blue and purple thing that has my head? A giant blueberry?

  2. Why yes, I believe it might just be... A giant tie-dyed blueberry. :) Or perhaps a very retro hippy beach-ball! I love those two so much, they are very happy glowy pictures of you!

  3. Lovely photos! And wooohooo me babywearing :-) There aren't many of me carrying Rye.

    Love the tye dying too!

  4. A very misshapen and confusing to the eyes version of me! I think I'll stick with the blueberry theory, as it seems more believable.


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