22 June 2010

Weekendy Pictures

A Morgan standing on the gate to the kitchen. I think it's time for this to go again actually, it has served its purpose in preventing the baby from eating cat food, but there is no preventing her these days. Ah well, it will be nice to not walk into the dratted thing every day!Friday soft play, with little Mr Tristan tagging along for a day of totally exhausting play. The children had such a great time together, and we picked the right day for the trip because it tipped it down while we were in there! I love this first picture of Roo, she is such a deliciously greedy little thing. Last week she managed to get SIX grapes in her mouth at once, and was so annoyed to have to take one out again in order to chew.
I was really touched because he has never accepted food from me before, and he actually was brave enough to ask me for a drink! It takes a while for Tristan to stop looking scared of me, but he wanted to see the girls and play on the soft play so much he overcame it right away. Naomi's funny bright wild little ones are such a pleasure to have around.On our way to church I had to snap a sneaky shot of this pickle looking SO smart and sweet. Note in the pictures later in the day she has taken the dress off lol.Sunday procion dying in Emma's garden, making wonderful baby things, fabric bags, tshirts for the children, and some birthday surprises for someone who will soon be six.

Then a board game evening with Samsam. :)Where are the weeks going? It barely feels like a few weeks since winter.


  1. Such lovely happy, pictures :)

  2. Whoa love the bright dyeing, looks fantastic. I really shoud replenish my stock of dyes and get some more done.

    Fantastic on days like this to be outside creating.


  3. Awww! Wow! I'm sooooo jealous of the dyeing! It looks fantastic! YOu have been really busy recently! Next stop... Bristol! And I for one, can't wait!

  4. Awww beautiful photos. I really ought to have a go at dying, it look sso much fun!

  5. Procion is really easy too when you know how, but it takes a lot of space! Want to do batik next time - using glue, so the children can batik their own designs. *grins*


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