16 June 2010

All Joking Aside

There are times when I joke about the mess, and when there is a certain ridiculous degree of creative mayhem all around me and it still feels right. And there are times when it is just too much. Guess which event we got to this week?

A mid-tidy shot of my living room. Somehow there is nothing like a clean up to make things look worse than ever!The dining table piled high with clutter, crafts, things for filing, and games.And some after shots, just to prove that, well, no matter how bad it gets, there is hope. I put up Jenna's canvas for a more summery feel too, and oh her little face was more than worth it. :)And the little home corner looking homey again, minus the clutter and big pile of toys thrown in here rather than put away. How I love this area when it is useable and used! And as you can see from the strewing of dressing up outfits, babies, kitchen ware, and... a treasure map?... it was being used and explored again before I could even get the camera out.I'm not taking bets on how long it stays like this, but to make a start... Somehow I have a whole rush of new energy. :)

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