30 June 2010


I came on to rant about the fact that "they" will not allow Morgan to have a tetanus shot (not even the 5in1) because it is against policy to give a booster unless the injury is very serious, and "all children in this country are vaccinated anyway".

But she isn't.

Oh, well, I know. But that's our policy anyway.

So what you're telling me is that it's all or nothing? You can't vaccinate my child because they haven't been given a vaccination already?

No. Well... We support full vaccination.


Oh, look, I managed to rant! I really didn't feel like it when I started typing. All I can think of, and all I want to say, is meep.

My mother in law is in hospital and she is dying. My weeping husband has gone to be with her. And... meep. :(


  1. Hugs for you all. Prayers too, especially for peace for Martin and his mum.

  2. ((((hugs))))

    Idiotic doctors!

    Lots of hugs to Martin, too. :-(
    Watching a parent dye is horrible, my heart goes out to him - and to you and the girls, too.

    Many, many gentle blessings during this difficult time.

  3. Hey Joxy, lets not moan about doctors too loudly, you never know when one might read your comments!

    Sarah, please pass on my love and thoughts to Martin. I've never lost a parent, but I've seen the things people go through when I've been working or there as a student. It is tough, and horrible. I hope that she is comfortable and the situation is not any more distressing for the family. My thoughts are with you all, and I will see you soon for a hug... and to let you rant about those pesky doctors.xxx

  4. Lol the doctors were all great actually, it was the matronly nurse who didn't appear to understand a word I was saying and could only keep repeating the local policy! *sigh*

    I will give Martin everyone's love. We're still waiting to hear further news but it's not likely she'll still be around in the morning. Jenna is so hurt to not be there with them, but nothing to be done now. She has been crying, lighting candles "to burn my sadness" and writing to Grandma all night. I'm ready to sleep but I don't think she will be able until she knows her Daddy is home.


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