10 June 2010


Oh how I love the chatter that comes, nearly constantly, from this previously silent child. She is blooming, flourishing, expanding, suddenly a little girl and not a toddler any longer.

When Jenna has worksheets, Morgan wants to play too, and sits seriously watching what Jenna does before attempting her own. I love that when she wants to write her name, she writes a little row of round O shapes across the page - what a sweet insight into what she sees, Morgan, a row of little round shapes.

A cricket bat is a "wack-it" and any small ball is a "wack-it bowl". A blanket is a "doovy" (I assume "duvet" *grins*). All pencils and pens are "colours" as in "I need DEESE colours, no, a one wiv a lids on."

As I type, she is sitting with a wand we made at the festival (it has lots of sparkly strands taped to the end) - she is combing its hair. Ah it is magical to see these people becoming more themselves every day, sharing their paths with me, sharing their deepest discovery and revelation with me. I am finding contentment in it - along with all of the stress and chaos that can so easily take over. This, this is what it is about. A person. And the love, the love that simply overflows.


  1. Hehe! Bless her! It is amazing to see how she is growing and developing. I can't believe it's been almost a year since that summer I spent in Derby and got to spend so much time with you. It's lovely to see how your girls are growing up. Awww, see, I don't need kids of my own, I have yours to love and marvel over!

  2. Ahh, are'nt 3 year olds just wonderful, I love charlies quirky little ways too, I sometimes wish time would just stand still.
    sue xx

  3. Thanks for Benedict's Birthday wishes, I'll show him your comment tomorrow. He went to bed one very happy boy!
    Love Morgan's turn of phrase, she sounds one cute gal
    hugs to you all
    San and all xxx

  4. Wow! What a lovely post to make me smile!

  5. So sweet. What precious memories for her.


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