15 June 2010

We Love Chaos

(but perhaps not *tooo* much chaos, actually, now I think about it...)

A couple of lovely last-week pictures of my children dancing in the rain in Emma's garden, for starters. Um, you'll get wet. Yes, we know, so what? Oh, OK then, sounds fun. :)

Sleepy sleepy sweetie, and a tired looking Daddy. Working is still chaotic and odd and pretty tiring, but seems right for the time being. Meanwhile I am crocheting not-for-me bits and pieces finally thinking I ought to take the advice to open a shop - and I have sold (or am in the process of selling) some of my less-used slings. The extra money might just stop me complaining about being broke for a while (maybe). I hate complaining about money, when we are so well off in so many ways. But it has been hard, this year, harder than usual. Correspondingly we have been blessed above and beyond the normal run of things, so perhaps it balances out.Things that made me smile in the last couple of days...

Finished crochet.Crochet in progress.The sending of one small camera memory card through the post to fix the odd glitch in our digital camera (thankyou so much Ashleigh).

My totally wild and lovely garden and all the promise it holds.

Friends and board games and evening reading times and glorious stormy skies.

Some magical small finds in town: charcoal sticks, drawer handles to make toadstools for Jenna's birthday, and wooden cotton reels (I would rather they were vintage, but alas! Anyway, these craft cotton reels make me smile and I can't even begin to imagine all we will do with them). Out of another financial head-in-hands moment we rejected ordering baby shoes online and got the tiniest imaginable pair of crocs to last until we can afford to buy her shoes. I think my eventual aim is to get her Pedoodles in a fit of ethical anxiety and dislike of hard nasty highstreet toddler shoes.
Happy, right, focus. A Summer Season Table. :)And most of all, three happy, bright, slightly wild small children.


  1. So glad the card works, it's great to have you back in picture form! I love the girls in the rain, it's so them. And I kinda agree, I remember once just adoring walking around in a late summer shower. It was so beautifully refreshing! BTW those shoes are sooooo cute! I can see why you want them! :) Christmas pressie idea? (If you can wait that long?)

  2. Aw sweetie, a very typically kind thought. :) I think she will need the foot protection before then and the crocs are fine as a temporary measure but don't seem the most comfortable thing for a tiny!

  3. I love the mushrooms! What a good idea to use those drawer knobs. You have inspired me to rootle round in the shed - I'm sure there are some in there somewhere. What are you going to do with the mushrooms once you've made them?

  4. I wish I could claim credit, but a mama on the Green Parent forum suggested it. :)

    I'm going to paint them white and give them spotted caps, then I'll give them to my five year old and see what she comes up with in free play - I'm thinking woodlands and fairy rings and magic. :)

  5. what size shoe is Rowan in? I might have some shoes left over from Ingrid at that age. Let me know :)

  6. Aw Amber! She is *just* in a UK size 2, don't know how that translates though. :)

  7. So much to comment on! The toadstool/drawer handles are a genius idea and your summer table looks fabulous so full of life and colour. Our winter table is definitely just the opposite- cold, blue, white and stark. You garden is also looking splendid. Glad you are finding things to make you smile even if times are tougher than usual right now. xo m.

  8. Thankyou for visiting. :) It is wonderful to see the contrast in the seasons so clearly sharing our lives with mamas all over the world - Jenna is very interested in climate and weather, and does her own little weather reports from the hometowns of our friends online lol.


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