3 June 2010

More Healing

In the hospital, Rowan was required to give a urine sample. This baby who has hardly worn a nappy all week. But of COURSE she hates the shiny silver collection cup and refuses point blank to pee in it and keeps trying to find a quiet corner without parental intervention and screams when we pick her up and try to get a sample again. For four hours.

The nurse read us the riot act about immunisations. Again. Without, so far as I can tell, any invitation to do so or reason to be asking about Rowan's vax status. But, they always do!

Rowan got so upset with me insisting on holding her near the stupid sample cup she refused to nurse and just howled every time I touched her.

We were all so stressed out and upset that it took nearly an hour of me quietly nursing a naked boo and breeeeathing and trying to let go of my panic about the girls being stranded with my mum (who needed them picked up an hour before this point) and knowing that Morgan had been crying for us and, yes, letting go of all of that. Rowan woke calm. I cuddled her, took her for a walk around the ward, and took her to the toilet with me, and she peed in the cup.

And we were released. (By a doctor who chatted to us about toddlers and sleep and siblings and "confessed" that she is breastfeeding a nearly-three-year-old who does not yet "sleep through" and told us, wondefully, "chaotic is normal, in my experience".)

I cried all the way home that Roo wouldn't trust me any more and would be really upset with me about trying to MAKE her pee where she did not want to pee. It felt like the end of the world. This may have something to do with the fact that we had had no sleep...

But today is a different day. And Rowan is her usual sunny self, and we have not used a single nappy or had a single miss. The world is beautiful, and I think we are going to be OK.

And I found literally tons of comfrey all the way around Mapperly reservoir. :)

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  1. (((hugs))) to you all. I'm sure your baby was just a bit annoyed at you, rather than not trusting you!


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