4 June 2010

I have to make something like this...

Mangos for Breakfast by the Startling Bougainvillea

And that is my most clear thought for today.

Martin is working, the baby is asleep on me, we spent the morning walking to the market for fruit, the olders are currently hoovering the living room (they voluntarily tidied up too, for the first time in weeks!) and I am feeling, um, odd.

Floaty disconnected. Maybe hospital-related overtiredness. Today is pretty sparkly bright and warm. Today is strange and without its usual reference points. Today is peaceful and manic. And I really want to go crochet something about now, as if by making sense of a ball of yarn I can unravel and recreate everything else just as easily.


  1. Wow! That is beautiful! Such pretty colours. :) Definitely something to aspire to, and I bet it wouldn't take that long to make at all. Right.... must go be productive. Neverending errands to run, like the post office trip that I've been putting off for over a week! ;) Hope you manage to reach some crochet and create some beautiful work of art, reflective of where you are.xxx

  2. Wow, that looks cool - looks like some weaving as well as crochet. Look forwrd to seeing what you create.

    Take care of yourselves x

  3. That is pretty!

    I too feel floaty and disconnected.. sadly my weirdness today is created by cold germs making me feel very out of it.

    I canna wait for C to be picked up so I can go to bed.. sooooooooo tired. I@m afraid tonight will be dvd night for Rye.

  4. I'm with you there, mama. The girls already have a DVD on so that I can cook tea without help, I am way too out of it to pay attention around the hob! Morgan just broke my most expensive (and most often used) crochet hook, so I need to hide out in the kitchen ALONE for a while and cook something more high-prep until I can breathe again...

  5. Hope you feel better!!! and enjoy a bit of happy hooky time!

  6. Yummy home made curry and vegetable rice, and a chocolate cookie (now how can I not have remembered that there were cookies hiding in my cupboards?), and the children are having a bath with Dadda while I crochet something else (first project defeated by the broken hook *sad*)... I'm all ok again. Tomorrow is a brand new day eh? :)

  7. So sorry to read that you've all been having such a tough time of it. Been praying for you especially your friend and her newborn.

    Not as bad as you but Dave has managed to burn his arm quite badly but can't remember how he did it! Pip is on a Bronchial Dilator, she was not impressed with the puffer tube but has slowly become less suspicious!

    Probably best if we put meeting up on hold until everyone less poorly.
    Hugs San and all xx

  8. Oh no, poor Dave, and Pip too! Jenna used to HATE her inhalors when she was very small, and I was always torn between making her take them and having her ill if she didn't. :(

    Another postponement, but we will have to rearrange when you are all feeling better! Roo seems as if nothing ever happened!


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