3 June 2010

Home is where...

... the garden is thriving with neglect...

... the baby and the cat settle back into a wary adoration from afar (and sometimes closer up)...... crochet projects are finally finished with marginally fewer distractions...... we settle back to some kind of normality...And then normality goes out of the window. Rowan is rushed back into hospital (unexplained bleeding which has eventually been put down to false menstruation - though she tested positive for infection AGAIN as well) thankfully at least we are released the next morning anyway and don't have another week on the wards (where my darling friend and her tiny newborn son are currently battling a much more serious infection). :(

And Martin has been offered temporary work - perhaps just one day, maybe a week or more. Well, we'll see. :S

And... I guess normality is overrated...


  1. What lovely photos, but not another trip to the hospital! That bean of yours has seen far more than her fair share of hospitals. :(
    I'm glad you're back home and safe.

  2. hugs, mama. I am sending you lots of boring and normal vibes...I think you need them!

  3. Aww, that baby of yours just doesn't seem to like normality! Glad everything seems okay, and that the garden is thriving. Fingers crossed for you that some of those little green strawberries make it to maturity!

    Good news about Martin too! Let me know how he gets on with it :)

  4. Oh no, poor wee roo. Hope she's all better now.

    I do love the photo of her sleeping with the cat :-)


  5. Hope Rowan is recovering well again.
    Thinking of your friend and her poorly baby, hoping to hear good news and healing soon.

    Congrats to Martin on the job too, hope it works out for you all.

    take care x

  6. Rowan seems so totally normal, to the point where I start to wonder if I imagined all (ALL) that blood yesterday. *sigh* She is her normal happy self, and I'm very glad of that! I hate hospitals!

    Martin is very happy today, I just hope that all of this chaos is worth it lol as for now we won't know from one day to the next if he will have work tomorrow!

  7. Oh dear, that is a slightly chaotic way to work, but hey, it's employment, and it's a start. When does he start?

  8. He's working today! That's why he took it really, as we had really decided NOT to take agency work, but they offered him a day, and then maybe five days next week (MAYBE), and so he took it just to be doing something.

    Technically, from today's job, he will be paid £10 for 9 hours work - JSA take the rest off our benefits! So it really is just to be doing something.

  9. Wow! Craziness! £10! Hopefully it'll be better next week. What sort of work is it? 9 hours is a long day, especially when you're out of the flow of work, so I hope it all goes well for him. It must be strange for you to settle down to the day with just you and the girls! Something that's not happened for so long in quite a while. xxx

  10. Driving - today he's working for a removals firm relocating an office (and I know, 9 hours is a long time!).

    The temp post he's been offered next week is Argos (if they need another extra driver, which we won't know til Monday morning)! If he works next week (the whole week) we will get £55.

  11. Ooh, £55 yarn money ;) Lol, are we keeping fingers crossed that he'll get it? Or do you think it's too much hassle being on a temp basis?

  12. I don't know, I can't imagine him doing it for long (he's desperate to be working, but seriously we would never be able to have a day off if we were going to earn enough to live on - he'd be getting £5.80 an hour!)...

  13. :s that wouldn't be much good. £5.80 is minimum wage, isn't it? I really puts things in perspective if people are expected to live off that amount of money. Well, it's good for him to have something to do, I know from talking to him that he's been needing it. xxx


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