17 June 2010


As we have tidied, and got rid of so many things we really didn't need, I have noticed some areas that look insane no matter how much tidying I do. Some things are hard to part with! Do we really need so much *stuff*?? Intellectually, I can admit that we don't. But whether or not that ever results in a cull...!

This is the selection of children's books that we keep in the living room. It isn't actually even half of the books they have - in spite of having thinned the collection a fair bit recently.I cringe from showing my own books, I have been collecting much longer, though in the last few years I have definitely gone the same route as with clothes shopping ie it is MUCH easier to buy for them than for me. And the board games! I can only comfort myself with the knowledge that almost all of these things (clothes, books, games, toys) are either from charity shops or else gifts from family and friends. Sometimes both (Emma, you KNOW I mean you in particular)!Sometimes I wonder whether it would be good for me to just... get... rid... But then again, there are sound green (and thrifty) reasons for hoarding craft materials and never ever ever throwing anything away that could be useful (after all, I'd hate to buy a new one). Still, I feel perhaps Freecycle is calling to my bookshelves. Maybe, just maybe.


  1. I hear ya! Terrible hoarder here, especially with books and craft items.
    We did have a big clearout of adult books last year- books we'd owned for 10-15 years or more, the oxfam bookshop had many drop-offs from us last year ;-). It did feel good to let go, since we weren't going to re-read them. We only kept back books we may re-read, loan or that Imogen may like when she is older (the Pratchett collection for one).

    I don't mind keeping things that are in use or will be in use one day, and also feel good that many of the things have been thrifty buys anyway.

  2. Maybe you can solve a long standing mystery for me?
    Is that Junior Scrabble in the blue box? Exactly what is the difference between it and the real version? I just know nothing about it, as I learnt to play using the non junior version. Just curious.

  3. It is indeed and it was £1 in a charity shop last week! It's pretty rubbish actually, the aim of the simpler games are just to make the words printed on the board, which is a game you could play with any scrabble set and a little bit of imagination...

  4. I have parted with books over the years, but its always been painful, and frankly, it's against my love for books. I never feel happier when I have shelves crammed full of books.

    Because of the nomadic lifestyle I've had for so long, my book collection has remained small... now I'm settled, it's begun to expand at a fantastically satisfying rate.

    I also have the opinion walls lined with bookshelves crammed to the rafters has got to be good insulation.. and therefore even more green! ;-)

  5. Rofl Joxy thankyou for that thought! :)

  6. I know just where you're coming from. I am a terrible hoarder - mainly books, games and craft equipment, especially fabric. I am sitting in my study typing this. We are lucky to have this room but it is completely packed to the rafters with STUFF. DH complains I have edged him out (his school teaching textbooks take up 2 bookshelves out of 24). There are numerous crates of fabric (my own buys plus 5 bags full I inherited when my granny died - she was a quilter) and an IKEA unit full of paint, paper etc. I am perching on the edge of a chair also occupied by a bag of wool. The kids' books and toys are in their rooms so I can't even blame them. I fear 'Life Laundry' may need to come and sort me out. But it's all useful stuff and I can't get rid of books!

  7. That's why we have so many boxes of books in the loft Joxy :) , no room left for any more bookcases so we rotate which books are on the shelves and which in the loft


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