24 May 2010

Beneath the Trees

A couple of days of seeking shade! Green spaces and other assorted things. Crochet projects finished. Raw strawberry pie. A very cute attempt by the bean to comb her own fuzz of hair.Ecofest in Nottingham. Again, pretty disappointing compared to everything that was on offer to do, see, discover and enjoy in Derby last year. We probably should just stick to the most local one in future - apart from some very lovely stalls with plants (which I didn't buy, because I managed to grow more from seed this year!) it was mostly the sort of information stands with petitions we've already signed and information we already have. One solitary picture of Morgan and Roo playing under the trees. Another of those how-fast-a-year-goes moments though, as Rowan was a tiny newborn last year and this time there she is, running around chasing a ball and making friends with a big shaggy black dog.A lady on a stand displaying a large "Mindfulness" sign asked me if I'd like to take a meditation class. As we chatted, I said that I meditate on my own already. She laughed and said, "how do you find the time?" I don't do the sitting-trying-to-empty-my-mind thing, but, well... Without the little affirmations, moments spent in prayer, deliberate re-focussing of attention, and deep breathing that are becoming an every-day part of my life, I can't *imagine* how rushed I'd feel. It isn't giving UP time, it's gaining it. I would have stopped to talk longer, but my attention was focused on a very in-the-moment person, who was in hot persuit of another dog to befriend!

A picnic after story time today, and a lovely walk along the riverside path with Ashleigh. Martin had a job interview, so we were solo (well, mostly with Ashleigh, but still, kind of solo). It was scary at first, a real shock of it's-all-on-me, but I think after all I may get used to it again. It's rather liberating to not be in fear of that so much, that day when Martin gets another job and I'm back to being alone with the children for much of most days... Anyhow, I was reliving the lovely day we had, not borrowing trouble from tomorrow.The end of the day, today. Play. And home-made ice-cream made by Jenna (raspberry yoghurt ice-cream, to be precise).My very favorite spot at home right now is under the towering Salix Helix (contorted willow) which I had as a cutting from the tree at my parent's house where I grew up. It has gone from a few inches to nearly 8ft in five years and makes the most gorgeous dappled shade. :) I think I may just take some more strawberry pie out there in the cool of the day, and pretend I don't live in a city at all. :)


  1. Lovly post. Sarah the thing I love most about your blog is your ability to weave pictures with words, you really are talented. Love the pictures, especially Rowan in the grass and Jenna by the graffiti, hugs to you and all (and best of luck to Martin following his interview) x

  2. I am sooo excited, four days, four days and I get to meet you, the girls and Martin for real! I am so looking forward to meeting Becks, Charliesmum, fairycakes etc.

    Ohhh, I'll bring your books with me too :-)

    Love the photos. The one of Jenna under the bridge with the graffti, is almost iconclastic.

  3. More lovely happy days pictures, I love the one of Jenna by the bridge.
    A shame the ecofest wasn't better, hope your local one will be better.
    Mmmm.. raspberry yogurt ice cream :-)

  4. Wow thankyou so much for the comment love! :)

    I rather love the picture of Jenna under the bridge too, quirky action shots like that so suit her! Good days always produce the best pictures lol.

  5. You've just received a Beautiful Blogger Award xxx



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