15 May 2010

More Homey Things

More of Jenna's recent writing and drawing. Still invented (but phonetically legal) spelling. It is getting more and more logical and closer to our spelling, and I am so glad we have had that trust in her and stood back to let her get on with it.Last night I finshed these shorties for Roo. They are a little big, but I love them! They're more of my hand-dyed goodness, and match perfectly the little cardi I'm making with the newly arrived Hummingbird Alpaca (I ordered this wool from Get Knitted a few weeks ago and it finally arrived a couple of days ago, at which point I became paralysed by choice and couldn't decide what to make!) so of course I had to start that project too.And for breakfast this morning (yes, breakfast, I know) I was inspired by this post at Childhood Magic, and made a really really delicious raw chocolate cake. I've been too scared by raw "baking" before, mostly due to recipes with too many exotic ingredients, but it just so happened that all of these were easily within my reach. I substituted hazelnuts for the walnuts (I just like them better with chocolate, and I didn't have enough walnuts) and it came out so nice that I ate two slices this morning. *grins*


  1. Awww, the shorties look lovely, even if a little "roomy" - at least they'll fit for a while yet :) And I'm so in love with that hummingbird, it's so cheery and bright! Lol! I'd love to try the choc cake, but I'm so not a choc first thing in the morning kinda person... so maybe a lunch or afternoon tea....? ;)

  2. Well I shall be making it again lol...

  3. You sound like me when I get new fabric--what to make with it? I want to make everything and then nothing at all, so as to save it for something special!

    I have seen this cakey thing on another blog as well, and was so tempted to try! It looks amazing and just the thing I would enjoy with coffee!!


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