22 May 2010

In the Sun

More Mandala colouring. We are really loving this activity at the moment, and it makes a good standby for when Jenna asks for "work" (which she still does from time to time - and I am still providing whatever kind of "work" she thinks she needs). And lest folks think that perhaps I am fobbing her off with something within my comfort zone rather than academics, I wouldn't previously have given colouring sheets for much the same reasons as worksheets. ;) Now though, my comfort level is changing as my daughter is growing and learning and teaching me. Also, I rather like colouring these in myself lol.A spot of natural dying with an entire bottle of Beetroot juice (a gift from a relative - which it turned out that none of us liked). This is Ashleigh's handspun and very precious, so I was nervous, but the colour is just what I wanted. Knowing that beetroot washes out quite a bit I expected pink, so added coffee and tumeric to get more of a rust colour. I just LOVE how it came out, and can't wait to do something special with it. If only there weren't so much CHOICE!An afternoon in my mum's garden. The paddling pool that she has kept since I was a child. Talk about a good green buy! And I got to inspect her new vegetable/patio garden. It's fabulous. Things come up so quickly for my mum, and plants flourish without her doing anything to them. She is truly green fingered! Her courgettes germinated in A WEEK! Mine took seven! I have to blame the microclimate in her lovely sunny space, or I might cry.After all the exertion and splashing and dancing, a rest, and (for me) another project on the go.More of our own garden (and a very pensive picture of Jenna)!Everything, well, sparkles. Even the nappies on the line - which I had previously thought were naturally that shade of grey... I may not truly love the warmest times of the year, but I have to admit it is very pretty. :)


  1. Your garden looks great. I love mandala colouring. Looks like fun even for the adults!! Thanks so much for the bread advice over at my place! xo m.

  2. Wow, it looks like you have been amazingly busy! If Jenna wants some work, she's welcome to come and dig our garden, and we will pay in Linda McCartney sausages. :)
    That wool has come out brilliantly, so let's just hope it doesn't run.
    As I suspected, my computer is fine now that I've removed the vattery, so maybe I can now use it without risking blowing it up. At least the battery hadn't melted (yet)


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