22 May 2010

From the top of a ladder

Jenna: "Mama, do you think I can jump off here? It's very high."
Me: "It is high. Do you want to jump off it? I trust you to decide."
Jenna: "I'm not sure. It might hurt. But it looks like fun... I think maybe I'll wait until I'm a teenager, or a bigger girl."
Me: "OK. Are you coming down now or staying up there?"
Jenna: "I'm coming down - the long way. Will you wait for me? I feel like I might fall. Wow, it was really high up there! It's much taller than me but I climbed up there all on my own, didn't I mama?"

And that's why I have let her climb, and sometimes let her fall, but always been available without judgement or comment.


  1. And that's how it should be, she's learned what her body and mind can do and long may that continue. I let Imogen do the same, I'm there if she needs help as you are.

    Sounds like Jenna enjoys climbing high at the moment with the washing line post in your previous blog post.

  2. She seems to be testing herself at the moment, pushing herself to see what she can do. She tries writing *really really tiny* and asks me dozens of questions. Where does the water go out of the washing drying on the line, because the floor isn't wet? Can I make bread on my own next time? Have I done this right?

  3. Love it! So much better than screaming "be careful! Get down!"

  4. i love seeing other parents letting their kids play without the constant 'be careful', 'its too high', 'dont fall' or my biggest hate 'you're too young to do...'. The number of times we've been in the park and charlie (sometimes as young as 18 months) has been climbing something only for us to overhear a parent telling their 4 year old that they are too young to play on it as its dangerous :( I think its such a shame!


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