12 May 2010


First thing this morning I set about giving my kitchen a proper clean. It has been a while, in the process I found two baubles from Christmas, and a packet of hair clips I'd forgotten I'd even bought. :S I got half of the surfaces totally clear and clean before starting to put things back. And then got distracted by making more bread, green juice, and a cup of tea for myself (is there anything more satisfying, really, than picking herbs off your own windowsill to make a cup of tea?) and that's where my cleaning ended - just short of the cooker top. ;)This may be a metaphor for my life at the moment. So distracted by goodness and normal family life and creating for my family, that nothing is ever truly finished... Ah well. There are worse things. Though I really must go and clean my oven.


  1. that sounds so much like our house too! I have no idea how people keep their houses spotless, i never seem to finish anything. Glad to see an update though, have been wondering how you guys are doing!

  2. hey... good to see you back again. Was worried something had happened! glad I'm not the only one with guilty secrets at the bottom of piles of kitchen 'stuff'!

  3. Lovely to see you back again xxx

  4. so good to see you back and catch up with all your wonderful adventures.
    always thinking of you all


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