17 May 2010


Park...Carbooting and then dinner with Em and Chris... Bricks for Connor, only £1! A lovely afternoon before some unfortunately necessary top-up food shopping. (Again! I really must be more organised about food shopping!)More kitchen re-organisation...Garden joys...Quiet play...



  1. Oh those endless park adventures! Looks like a lovely weekend and the weather seems to be getting milder. Love your little wooden cradle! xo m.

  2. It has been lovely to be out of doors from dawn til dusk, we've had the odd shower but nothing needing a coat in the last few days!

    The cradle is gorgeous, only £3 and pre-loved. It's a good job the stallholders don't realise I would pay *more* for pre-loved...

  3. I love parks. My local recreational ground has had a make over and its fab, love it.

    And wow, that is a bargain, £3. Cor, I love boot sales too - hoping to go to one on Sunday.


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