12 May 2010

Catching up

It has been a busy couple of weeks, happy and normal and busy. The computer stopped talking to each device in turn, starting with the keyboard, so we had a week of being able to only read and not respond, and then eventually not read either. And, well, it hasn't been terrible for us to be away from the screen... Though I've missed you all! My garden is my favorite place at this time of year, first harvests and potatoes coming up and strawberries flowering and pea shoots and unmitigated joy. And mess, everywhere the mess!We made dragons for St George's day, and a maypole and wreaths for May Day, and nearly had a bonfire until the pouring rain soaked everything thoroughly! We started making daily green juice and being a bit more proactive about eating again (the meal planner is being used properly for the first time in a month or more).Painting the shed and fence was Jenna's idea, and after an initial grown-up desire to say "no" I said "why not" instead, and we did.This is the day that the chicken shed finally came down. And up. Onto the roof of our shed, as Martin and Chris struggled to get it down the passageway. Eventually it had to be taken over next-door's fence. And then they found they had to dismantle it to get in the car anyway. Never mind, boys.This is the day that the shed was rebuilt in its new location, as a brand new home for Emma and Chris's flock!My beautiful big girl baby.Craziness, crochet, tidy toy shelves and eating out with Emma, Chris and Connor.

A meal out in town with my mum and brother.Nettle soup, green juice, and dandylion oil.Another trip to Leicester, museums and the Space Centre. I may find doing the recording work frustrating and tiring, but I love being payed to visit somewhere so easy to explore with children. As you can see, we all had an amazing day!Such a lot to update!

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  1. Looks like everything is going well for you right now, and i'm so pleased after Rowan being so poorly. Lovely to check in on you and see what you are up to. I find your words and photos so inspiring. xx


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