13 March 2008

Still really sick!

Morgan touched the oven yesterday when I was toasting buns in it. She jumped, looked at me with eyes filled with shock, and said, "ot!" in a really disgruntled tone of voice. I said, "Sorry baby, I didn't remind you I was toasting! Is your hand OK?" She flapped it at me for a bit and then showed me that it was fine lol. Our oven has a very thick door, otherwise I'd have been more careful having her in there with it on, but it shows just how she's making sense of those concepts.

I'm still really sick, so we've had two totally permissive days. Basically I've spent most of the time in the bathroom and the rest in the kitchen trying to make myself something to eat, so the two of them have run riot, got out every single toy, spread food all over everything... I had the added humiliation of a Gas Safety Inspection this morning - the poor guy had to kneel in day-old rissotto to get to the fireplace. AND I had been planning on hoovering this morning before my inlaws came for the girls so the house was still gross when they arrived! *sigh*

Today I will only get Morgan back, Jenna comes home tomorrow. Then Emma is coming up for the day. My mum is collecting Jenna to take her to Newcastle for the weekend. Monday Martin is working and I have two children alone - then Tuesday onwards he's home for a week. Bliss! :) Don't expect too much from me next week. ;) Alternatively, expect me to be camped out on here all week while someone else is in charge...

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