17 March 2008

Baby shoes, public feeds, Seder plans, and feeling good

I had a last few bits of shopping to do today, snacky things for the table for our non-traditional Seder meal. It turned out to be very good timing, as I took home a big piece of free greaseproof paper from Soundbites (previously used to wrap some pastries in for transport). It doesn't have a mark on it and since I tend not to be funny about such things its next incarnation is to be in helping me attempt proper cookies. :)

The only real downside to being in town was having another row with a presumably-nice lady in Clarks who tried to convince me that Morgan needs crawling shoes. I said that I know she would be best with proper shoes - and if she can't have proper shoes then the best thing for her is to be barefoot. She said that Morgan is "too small" for proper shoes. I said that, with respect, there is nothing wrong with my child. She is small, but clearly walking, therefore logically it isn't the child that is too small but the shoes that are not sufficient.

She said that Clarks have "never" sold size three walking shoes. I told her that they sold them to me for Jenna three years ago, and that it is only a desire to make shoes for smaller babies more acceptable for reasons of pure profit that the smaller walking shoes have been discontinued. She told me that they don't sell shoes to non-mobile babies. I told her that it doesn't go far enough and that a respected store like Clarks should have the courage to refuse to sell shoes at all of any kind to babies who were not walking. She told me that babies "need" shoes younger because parents have hard floors. I told her that booties with grippy soles are plenty good enough for that eventuality.

It should be clear by now that this woman sadly had not realised she was talking to a nutter who would not be swayed by her salesmanship. Eventually I just said, "I am not going to buy them. I am not trying to convince you not to sell them, although I think the company is behaving immorally that isn't a reflection on you. I simply will not buy them, and I will look elsewhere for shoes for my child until she fits into the box defined by your store policy."

On the way home my big toddling Morgan was tired and grumpy and I resorted to breastfeeding on the bus again. I was doing that hyper-alert thing almost daring anyone to question it (spoiling for a row perhaps after the lady in the shoe shop) but all I got for my vigilance was a smile from an old man a couple of seats in front when he glanced at the bubba. :)

Having Jenna back is great, as much as I have shouted and grumped in the last few weeks our relationship is 100% better since she went away for a couple of days. Her exuberance, usually exhausting and frustrating, is lovely to me again. She is showering us with affection. She and Morgan have obviously missed each other, they keep just giving each other hugs and kisses, and haven't scrapped for a toy yet at all. I'm really looking forward to having this week with Martin home, and to Easter and all the seasonal stuff we have planned.

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