4 March 2008

A quiet day at home

We had our duvet day after all. I feel really sniffly today too, and although Jenna is better she's still a bit teary and tired. We also had our promised hot chocolate. And we made frozen banana lollies (half a banana on a lolly stick with melted chocolate and sprinkles, then frozen on greaseproof paper). Our chocolate quota is definately up after today!

We have played tent, with some giant clips from the Oxfam sale and lots of playsilks (and a sling to make the roof). Her little wooden chairs are great for clipping things to - who needs a playframe for over £100? ;) Jenna heard the story of Rapunzel for the first time last night so the play was based around that (and many variations in which the princess safely escapes down a ladder knotted from bedsheets, or in which the prince marries the witch instead by mistake lol).

When I said that she could play more on her own so I could go and make tea she asked if I was stopping from playing, "because the witch voice makes you tired?" (Yes, I was the witch most of the time. Morgan was an unwilling princess so that Jenna could wear a red cloak and be the prince. Only Morgan wouldn't stand still long enough to marry her prince Jenna and they nearly came to blows!)

Late, after Martin had gone to take Jenna up, and while I was typing away working on some thoughts about the discipline books I've been reading, Morgan climbed up on the toy store and took a tumble. She must have over-reached, but when she shrieked I turned around to help her and saw her fall. She hit her face on the table as she fell, so although she isn't injured she's really unhappy and I'm off to nurse her a while and tend to the emotional turmoil of a one year old with wounded pride (and face).

Have to just quickly share this with you all before I rush off. This is one of my favorite Hathor comics of all time. http://www.thecowgoddess.com/2007/10/16/classic-hathor-indelibly-etched-2003/

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