29 March 2008

And yet again so much better!

Yesterday turned from one of my worst days to one of the best this month. When Martin got here he took over, got the children ready and we got out as planned. Morgan had taken herself to the comfort corner after my outburst so she was happily asleep, and I was left to get myself ready and re-pack the swim gear that one or the other child had removed from the bag! Even better, Morgan slept 10 hours again.

Today we had the car so we went to Sudbury House and the newly refurbished Museum of Childhood (which was brilliant). It was a lovely peaceful day out, the children had fun, and I felt really actually happy to be spending time with them. Reconnected, contented. The only down side was that Morgan's little feet got really bashed up in her thin leather booties so we had to go and find some shoes for her somehow.

Startright STILL didn't have any size threes so we ended up going nextdoor to Next and buying a cheap pair of proper walking shoes and fitting them ourselves. I don't feel exactly happy about her wearing them but if we're somewhere her feet are going to get bashed I need to know she has decent protection. As soon as we can get some properly fitted ones we will do.

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