5 March 2008

Morning sickness and other tiring things

I'm noticing a frustrating pattern in our co-sleeping arrangement this week. I'm so tired by the time we get to bed, partly because of illness and partly just not judging it right and going too late, that I can't be bothered to shuffle her over to her own area. She ends up sleeping in the middle of the bed, where we all disturb each other just that bit more. She nurses ALL night like that. I really have to remember to move her over, or I'm going to start resenting nursing her again. At least I'm not uncomfortable from the pregnancy at the moment.

The only other little nursing niggle with Morgan is really more of a toddler funny than a rant. She likes the fast let-down now, and asks for the other side after a few moments. We sit, she nurses, she sits up, points to the other side and tries to undress me, then decides the first side was better after all. It's crazy, and although she doesn't do it often it does make feeding her take much longer. I'm telling myself that I'm not only satisfying a need for food or drink...

This morning was the first morning of real morning sickness, I felt dreadful this morning but at least it didn't last past breakfast. I know the drill by now, eat regularly, peppermint tea, ginger... I hope it doesn't last as long as with either of the others though. It wore off by 20 weeks with Morgan, though I had stopped actually being sick at 16 weeks. I don't do pregnancy very well. I'm generally happy about it now at least.

I'm still thinking about how to explain my discipline style properly. I left that section on my site for so long - I just don't know how to explain what I see the shape of in my heart.

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