2 March 2008

I have a bump!

Mother's Day has been fantastic, perfect in fact. We went to my Mum's Church this morning, and then out for lunch all together. I also managed to try on clothes in the counter-culture clothes shop and got myself a fairtrade skirt (hippy and patchwork) and a green and gold silk dress that isn't a maternity dress but looks like it. Both very flattering to the proto-bump that hasn't GROWN so much as SOLIDIFIED. ;)

I had no intention of buying clothes this month, or anything else for me apart from parenting books. But they were very much reduced and my mum offered to get the skirt for me. So I had a mothers day present - from my own mum! Jenna made me an assortment of sprinkly gluey glittery cards, one with loads of perfect little (huge) kisses in purple felt tip on the inside. It has been a fab family day.

I'm still in the midst of trying to write down for myself what experiences I think I would like to be different from my last pregnancy. Hey, having a silk dress wasn't on the list but maybe it should have been! I'm feeling very, pregnant. It's good, and still a secret from enough people for it to be fun seeing when people will notice - although it's a bit soul destroying when I tell someone and they say, "Oh I THOUGHT you were looking a bit pale and ill!"

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