6 March 2008

Just when you think it can only get better...

The first thing that happened to us today (after we were up and dressed) was not a discipline triumph, I have to say. Jenna had gone into the hallway and was playing with her umberella. I asked what she was doing, she said playing nicely. After a while there was the pad pad of feet upstairs and the bump bump of something dragging down again. I asked again, she said she was playing with the drum stool. I said it must have been heavy to get down the stairs, and when was it going back up? She said in a minute and I left it at that. (My excuse is that I was feeding Morgan her breakfast milk!)

Then our burglar alarm went off.

I forgot all of my gentle words for about thirty seconds as I, to be quite frank, had a flap. I couldn't remember the code to turn it off for the life of me, and visions of the police (stationed literally a block away) turning up and being sarcastic with me flew through my mind.

I think it went something like, "OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF OH NO ARRGGHHH HELP WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING THERE GET THAT STOOL UPSTAIRS OH NO OH oh it's off. Um, are you OK Jenna?" She ran upstairs pretty fast (bump bump bump with the stool) and wouldn't come down until I promised that I was calm now and not going to do any more of my panic. *blushes*

It all got better after that anyhow, lol. Morgan broke my heart waving goodbye with a big smile on her face. She is separating from me more deliberately now. It isn't that I ever forced her to let me leave when she was unhappy, but in some ways I wish I had been more adamant about taking her with me to befriending when she was smaller. It would have been easy - though I can see why they don't advise it for their health and safety thingies.

I knew that I could leave her without her being at all sad. It wasn't really the *best* thing for either of us though, even with her permission if you like. One more thing to go on the list of things I don't want to repeat.

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