19 August 2011

Time for Jenna

This afternoon the little ones are out, and Jenna and I have some time together just for us. I have had a couple of days of getting special little moments with this daughter of mine. She has needed some space, and we have been sneaking moments away from the crowds. This birthday feels so big, to her and to me.

Last week when she was frazzled and tired out with the toddlers I took her into the garden and set her up some painting - having quietly replaced the used up watercolour blocks in her painting kit. I took her a hot chocolate out there, and watched her working. Magical.
Today we are putting on puppet shows with the beautiful theatre kit she recieved in the mail (thankyou, sweet lovely Denise, it is SO like you to think of her!) and looking on the computer for new activities to try out.

Oh, and we are also eating the last of the Cinnamon Rolls I made yesterday. Yum!
Time alone with any of them is such a rare rare thing. There are, after all, usually many *other* ways to celebrate their unique specialness to us. I feel pretty glad that right now, as Jenna is telling me how badly she needs some time without her siblings around her, that we have found a way to give her that occasionally!

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