20 August 2011

Jenna's Party

So, the birthday party went beautifully. Lots of family, and Jenna got everything she wanted from her day - even down to the party food which she planned!
And the birthday cake specified months ago. Her smile couldn't have been bigger.
I'm pretty tired out, even though my three pixies are still going strong. There is just so much going on right now, I can't even begin to put words around it. Looking forwards to celebrating this big girl's Seventh year some more though.


  1. Beautiful birthday wishes to Jenna xx

  2. Happy Birthday Jenna!

    Looks like you and your clever mama got the party food just right and the cake looked yummy too!

    Hugs San and co xx

  3. Birthday wishes for Jenna and happy memories to you mama. A bit late sorry, but as you know a little birthday love was being shared here too :)
    The food looks scrummy, much yummier than our requested party tea of pie and potato wedges!! Lookin forward to sharing many more of Jenna's years with you.


  4. Aw thankyou all. Her birthday is tomorrow and she has yet more plans (and is getting a second cake too LOL she takes after her mama where cake is concerned)! :) Seven has come too fast for me.

  5. Hope you all had a lovely day.
    Happy Birthday Jenna


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