5 August 2011

OK yes, slightly obsessed...

Baby knitting is taking over.
In between taking pictures of Rowan in her favourite spot in the house right now - sitting on top of my kitchen bin (?!)...
There's always another project to cast on. Really simple stuff.
Normal play continues.
I even have time and inclination this week to knit something for someone OTHER than bump.
And the mess increases... Though not to the point where it can't be set to rights in an hour or so...
There is an air of calm-before-the-storm here. The hot muggy weather is often keeping us indoors. In the lull, I knit.


  1. It's a good job you have another babe on the way because my gosh, how grown up is Rowan,eek!!!

    So glad the knitting bug has kicked in cos that means you must be feeling generally OK?!

    with love San xx

  2. Only being sick a couple of times a day now. :) Veeery tired though, I thought I'd be feeling a bit perked up towards the end of the second trimester, but 6 months and still spending a lot of time trying to get stuff done lying down! Ah well, maybe I'll feel glowy in the third trimester, this is definitely the least horrible pregnancy I've ever had lol. :)

  3. that first blue vest looks like one i have on my to do list. does it have buttons on the side?

  4. The original pattern does. :) It's a Pebble, about the fourth I've made I think. I modified this one, the buttons often come undone irritatingly so the toddler one I made I sewed the sides together in the end - the big kid one I made was fine though. So this one I changed the stitch count quite a bit to get a smaller size and miss off the side button panel. Also I made both shoulders the same, with buttons, and a rolled hem by working straight stocking stitch with no garter stitch until the very top.

    My Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/people/arwentiw :)

  5. Goodness me, how grown up Rowan is looking, and how much like Morgan! Your girls are beautiful x

  6. Haha! Def making up for lost time, huh? Yeah, I've got high plans for baby knitting too... I do have a crazy amount of stash to bust...

  7. Oh! I so need to learn to knit, everything you make looks so beautiful!

  8. Thankyou! :) They are quite basic patterns but I'm getting more confident now. :) A patient friend sat with me and showed me how to make knit and purl stitches, and youtube helped with the rest!

  9. Yay for YouTube! Taught me almost everything I know about knitting and spinning! Yay! We just need to build you up to more complex patterns now...

  10. Oooh, i didn't know youtube had stuff like that, thanks for the tip - i'm off to investigate :-)


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