24 August 2011

Calke Abbey

Yesterday we spent a good chunk of the day in one of our favourite places.
The grounds of Calke Abbey are just *astounding* and no matter how much time we spend here we never quite get to explore it all.
(Yes, in the past week, we have already nearly broken even on our yearly National Trust membership, which helps me feel a good deal better about renewing it in spite of it basically coming out of the food bills!)

Jenna: "I found my very own rainforest!"
Morgan: "Is this Totoro's tree?"
Rowan: "Mumma, Dadda, LOOK, I found a helicopter flutterby!" Um, a what? Oh, a DRAGONFLY!
The Dragon Tree.
They played with some sweet five and six year old boys who were running around with huge water pistols. "I shot your head off! I shot your head off again! I'm going to shoot your head off!"
Jenna just drily retorted, "We must have an awful lot of heads."

She asked if they wanted to play a different game, and insisted on being a princess rescued from a high tower.
"I don't want to rescue you." Said one little knight.
"That's not very chivalrous!" Laughed his mother.

A few moments later Jenna was climbing again and the little knight rejoined the game, "But you'd better not need rescuing again!" hehehe
Baby Minnow Bump is having a growth spurt I reckon. This is me picking crab apples. Yay, crab apples! Yay, Autumn!
Sweet big sisters holding hands in the long grasses.
The estates had worn Roo out by this point. Poor little legs!
Time for a sit down and a snuggle.
Look! A ladybird!
"I don't like da grasses all in mine face!"
After a little rest stop and refuel she played on the swings for an hour with Daddy, while I took the bigger ones around the house and stables. One of the staff in the stables took a shine to the girls and kept her dress-up activity open for an extra half hour just for them. We were so touched! And Jenna decided to help her tidy and pack away, which touched this mama's heart especially.


  1. What a fantastic day out. National Trust you say? I'll have ti check that one out as we've got to make good use of our membership too!

    Wow for getting a picture of a dragonfly, I was trying the other day, and it was impossible!!

    Love that last picture, Morgan looks positively regal!

  2. wow what a great place to visit, we were given national trust cards for xmas I wish I used them more often though.

  3. The dragonfly was resting in the sun, it stayed there for ages, the first time I've ever got a good picture of one! And it helps that this camera takes the picture instantly unlike the last one haha.

    Morgan is such a funny little thing. She seemed right at home being dressed by a maid, that's for sure!

  4. What a beautiful experience to give your little ones. I really enjoyed reading this. You have a gorgeous family.


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