13 August 2011

6th Moon

This is the sixth full moon of my pregnancy. I expect to move towards birthing after the tenth full moon, if my other babies are anything to go by. Woah - SIX OF TEN! I feel so full, on the one hand, so close to birthing. On the other hand, I can barely believe that there will be a baby at all - so how can I be so far gone?

Honestly, there is a lot of anxiety floating around me right now, mostly centred around my usual pregnant dreams of baby loss. In half of the dreams I have had about birthing, this pregnancy, the baby has been born still. I think I just feel too restless and stressed about external things to really feel secure or even come to a quiet knowing that "all will be well". I already want to retreat into solitude, I am done with busy.

Minnow has turned itself around a lot this past couple of weeks - I think mostly baby is back to back and head up, and I have hardly as much bump to show for it as I did at three months!


  1. (((hugs))) I know fourth time around it was when I went into early labour that it suddenly struck me I was actually going ti be having a baby! Life had been too busy up til then to get my head around it! Labour consequently stopped, and started again about a week later!!

    Try not to worry, enjoy the pregnancy, and all WILL be well!

  2. I had the same nightmares as you, it is really unsettling, terrifying in fact. The consultant was lovely at told me this was natural and then fought for my home birth on my behalf. It is natural to worry but I am sure you have lots of support and help and the baby will be here before you know it. Look after yourself, Deb.


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