8 August 2011

I wrecked Jenna's hair! :(

A few times this week she has been upset that her hair gets so tangled, but she detests brushing it. I suggested that I could cut it shorter for her and that would make it easier to brush, and she said NO WAY but obviously it planted a seed because this morning she absolutely insisted that I HAD to cut her hair RIGHT that very moment, and she HATES tangles, you know, little wild thing girl determination and hyperbole.

Well she *could not* sit still. I say this as a mama who has chased two year olds around carefully snipping little curls, and who has held still the head of the *most* distractible four year old ever seen. But Jenna? Let me tell you this, nobody can flick their hair around like a nearly-seven-year-old girl!

It ended up much much shorter than she wanted (or than I wanted, come to that!) and she hated it. We had hysterics for nearly an hour, "I can never leave the house again", "I want you to cancel my birthday" hysterics.

Actually, she looks beautiful. And so grown up; you can see better her pointed little chin and slender neck, and she looks taller somehow, such a willowy little beauty of a child.

By this evening she had told me that she has changed her mind, and she loves her new hair after all. "It's easier to put my necklace on now, and no tangles!" She said. "And everyone will think I look cool." *evil laugh* Well, I suppose, along with hair flicking, some concept of cool was inevitable some day...
In other news, she stood up to a bully at soft play today, and defended a child who was being hurt. I was totally impressed with how she spoke to the boy who was hurling abuse at them - and how half an hour later she marched up to him and invited him to play with them as long as he could be kind to the other children! What a mature, capable, graceful, generous young woman she is growing into!


  1. She sounds an amazing little girl, and with her new hair looks really beautiful :-)

  2. Thankyou! Proud (biased) mummy, lol. Oh the drama of nearly-seven-years-old though!!

  3. Jenna looks beautiful with her new hair cut.

  4. Her hair looks lovely, I bet she'll love the quicker hair washes/detangling. She sounds like a very sweet natured confident little lady.

  5. Oh, Jenna, how lucky you are having such a talented mummy and your hair and your beautiful smile are gorgeous! Well, done for defending another kid, that takes courage.

    A big hug to you and your mummy

    San xx

  6. What a wonderful little girl you have, you should be proud. And I wish I could cut hair like you, I'm always afraid of giving the boys dodgy styles! x

  7. It's really *not* totally even, and oh how frustrated I was when she was so squirmy... It's one thing when a two year old wriggles, far more expected for one thing lol, but I was so upset yesterday first thing when her hair was a (very short) mess - and she was so gutted!

  8. She looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm glad to *hear* you happy!


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