5 August 2011

A brief Day-in-the-life

Yesterday I had to make a quick list. My big kids were cracking me up with their games and antics. So after adding to the list through the day, I thought I'd share...

This is a list of stuff my kids used to educate themselves yesterday. And this is just the stuff I actually saw on the occasion we were in the same rooms!

- Grimm's complete fairy tales
- Floor puppets
- A number line
- Bandages
- Playsilks
- A magician's cape, a bowl, and a toy sheep
- Paper and sharpies
- The alphabet song
- A ukulele
- A Google images search
- Some optical illusions
- Baking ingredients and the oven
- An empty brick trolley
- An episode of Cadfael
- Abba lyrics

Really, what can I add to that?

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