23 August 2011

Firstborn Daughter

You grin shyly at me when I tell you how admired you are, long-limbed dancer, strong tempest creature, quick-witted perfectionist, Wild Thing. It's the only time you ever appear shy. The first into every new situation, talk talk talking to everyone you meet everywhere we go, we are never at a loss for your input and opinions!
I pray for your blossoming knowledge and your spiritual wisdom - may you always seek truth and value kindness - may you always be as willing to question and as quick to puzzle out the hard answers. I pray for your relationships with others, for your wonderful assertiveness tempered with sweetest joyful giving graceful authentic love. I pray for deepest peace on the disquiet of your growing, the deepest knowledge of the love that surrounds and protects you, and confidence to approach new paths and next steps.

We believe in you.

Follow your inner compass, and do not doubt where you are going. Your future will be full of such great things I can't express or even see; nor would I dare to try to conform them to my expectations. Nobody can limit you. Always dream, and always be so bold with who you are and how you take on living your life. Your words are words of power, and the act of your living is making ripples in the still waters of everyone who crosses your path. Firey change-maker woman!
My daughter, my friend, I love you.


  1. beautiful. So lovely to accept your children for who they are, not everyone can mange this, well done you. the love is briming!

  2. **sniffle** beautiful post.

  3. That's so beautiful xx Best wishes Clair/Danigirl

  4. Your family are lucky to have a mama such as you, to see their spirit, embrace their challenges and admire the person emerging.

  5. How can she fail to be like that with you as her mama? Hugs to you all. xxx

  6. Aw thankyou for your sweet comments! She had a lovely lovely day, and she is such an amazing young woman, I'm so lucky to get to be here mama. xxx


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