7 August 2011

Picnic on the Park

We took our lunch over to the corner park today. We're all pretty shattered, due to toddlers getting up early (again), and a couple of worse days sickness-wise, but we needed a walk badly. The fresh air was lovely. It's still so warm and muggy here, but better than it has been.
Jenna lost her first tooth yesterday, and she's so proud of this gap! She confessed that she was anxious about looking funny to start with, but now she thinks she just looks grown up. (See the dark circles? When Martin went in to comfort Roo, he found Jenna with her arms wrapped around her wakeful baby sister, talking soothingly to her.)
Martin is fed up this week. Selling the car, and the stress of trying to find a reliable replacement, added on to the fact that there is *nothing* on the jobs front right now... No calls back or letters from any of the recent load of interviews, and no new offers of interviews, it is so frustrating and he's feeling quite disheartened about it all. He spent a long time crawling up and down the hill with children on his back anyhow, generous to a fault, and is now about ready to fall asleep in the laundry he's folding off the line!


  1. Glad you got some fresh air, being outside just makes everything feel better doesn't it! Good luck with the car search, we've been there so many times and it's never easy, hope something comes up for you xx

  2. Sending hugs and positive vibes to you, I really hope Martin finds just the perfect job soon. Xx

  3. Wish I could do something to ease your burdens. It must be tough for both of you but in different ways, all I can say is that I will continue to keep praying and maybe, just maybe, here and now is where you are both meant to be.

    Love and hugs as always
    San and co xxx

  4. Thinking of you......hope Martin finds something soon. Love your blog, whenever im feeling down and in unpositive mode, i log on to you guys and my faith returns very quickly. x

  5. Thankyou all for the lovely comments! :) Can't say just what it means to know we're being cheered on. xxx

  6. I send you loads of love, I totally understand how you feel. We too had lost a car and the stress of sorting a new one when living in a village I'm sure you will get there. I also feel about the job fron too, my husband is a electrican and there isn't much work in Devon. I don't know about you but it reminds me on how important my family are and how much I love them and love is simple, sorry getting carried away!! lol x x x


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