16 February 2011

WIP Wednesday

A quick glimpse at what I'm (still) working on - since Rowan pulled the needles out and I had to frog back four rows before I could get them back in and carry on. I have to say, it had me in tears for half an hour and I was gutted about it, but the experience has taught me a lot about how knitting stitches are formed (and fixed) and also about not ever ever leaving anything vaguely fiddly within toddler reach...
up to 049
So yes, still "that" Pebble in beautifully coloured Riot. I'm making progress though!

The pile of books is actually all stuff I'm reading right now. And it isn't even a definitive pile. The one on top I just finished (a re-read). The Chinese Cinderella, second down, is for the characters I've been copying out for Jenna to look at and play with. Then there are three that I'm reading for fun, two of them started re-reading today. Yes, I'm feeling a bit like that this week! The bottom two are things I'm dipping in and out of and have been for a while. Fickle, moi?

Joining in with Ginny and others for the yarn along. :)


  1. We have a saying - "It fairly rips yer knittin' oot" when something is annoying - I think it is quite a good phrase :) Very interesting book pile too. xx

  2. The yarn's colorway is beautiful!


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