7 February 2011

Jenna's Spring Song

The seasons are changing
Springtime has begun
We all come out to play under green leaves

When Candlemass comes
The animals might come out
And soon we’ll see if the winter will be gone

The daffodils grow up
And we get more playtime in the park
On the swings and on the slide
Climbing up so high
The babies laugh as they play

In the Springtime we plant more food
The baby lambs are born
They are soft and fluffy
The farm is filled with new baby life
And baby hens

Hundreds of bluebells
The shoots are pushing up
Like fingertips
Like green wands
Coming for the Spring

Summer is closer now and the world changes
The seasons change, the seasons change

We all feel the Spring time has begun again
And we go into the fields
And play among the hills
Now we play in the sunlight


Penny for your thoughts? :)