5 February 2011


park 009
park 008
park 007
park 010
park 012
park 011
park 016
park 014
park 015
park 017
park 019
park 023
park 022
park 018
park 025


  1. Lovely.
    Have you not got the torrential rain yet then?
    We got soaked just going to the corner so had to return home!

  2. Yes, it was raining the whole time we were out (we had the park very nearly to ourselves) but it's much heavier since we got home!

  3. Great pictures, especially the one of Roo with her lovely Daddy!!

    Well done for getting out despite the weather. Pip has decided to potty train so we've been confined to barracks this week, needless to say cabin fever has struck but we're hoping to make an outing on Monday!

    Thanks for your prayers
    San and all xx

  4. Looks like so much fun. Much nicer than our nearest park :(

    Love the picture of Rowan looking up, such blue eyes!


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