25 February 2011

A Weekly Roundup

This week we went swimming with friends. We caught up with some of the folks who are usually school-busy during the week. We started cleaning the kitchen cupboards, swept the floor in there thoroughly, and reorganised the dining table space so that there is room for guests next week.

This week the children have been dancing with play silks a lot. Jenna has stepped up the amount of writing she wants to do, and copied some maps in great detail (to my utter surprise and delight). She seems a little sunnier, but is still quite down at times and resents anything she sees as us trying to control her!

Morgan has started learning to propel herself in the water and can nearly swim two metres if she plucks up the courage - she is suddenly so brave about getting her face wet (which she hasn't since her near-drowning a year ago). She has also started to recognise letters and sometimes words, and I am learning to sit on my hands and not get overexcited like I did when Jenna did some pre-reading.

Rowan is talking all the time. From this morning, "Look mumma, fly climbing up dere!" She is sometimes dressing herself. I can barely call her my baby any more, if I'm honest, she is such a proper toddler and has been for a while. A little bit of comforting maternal blindness there I think!

We have been outside either digging the garden or walking to the corner park every day this week. We are still eating mostly vegan wholefoods, and lots of raw food, but tonight I am also looking forward to an organic roast chicken (and making chicken soup and extra stock with the leftovers and carcass). I also have enough blackberries left in the freezer to make my favourite italian blackberry and almond cake. :)

I am back to being shampoo-free and happy about it, as last night my hair finally balanced and stopped feeling like it had wax in it (yuck!). I'm also temporarily caught up with the washing again (except for one load of wool things that need drying flat).

I am feeling a flow a bit more, but being a little less anxious and less prone to fly to pieces if things don't fit my plans and preparations. I'm also, though, feeling quite tired and hormonal, crying at seeing a newborn baby and overwhelmed when the children argue and fight. Normal ups and downs. :) Life is pretty good.

(I'll be even better later on today when I can finally buy myself a new belt for my falling-down jeans and a couple of balls of yarn from our carefully budgetted paypacket! Consumerist, much?)


  1. Sounds like a pretty good week all round... hope your weekend is just as lovely!

    San x


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