3 February 2011

Chinese New Year

Those dresses have stood us in good stead for celebrating. This year we had the tricky situation of only having the two dresses, which would now fit the two smaller ones, and nothing for Jenna. Then with only a week to go, we spotted a beautiful red suit in a charity shop for £1.50. So they all got to dress up! :)
feb 025
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feb 024
Earlier we had planned lots of activities, but as the day turned out we only got around to reading a story about a wise kindly dragon, sweeping away the old year, and writing couplets for good fortune in the new year.

This tradition is called something like "tray of fellowship", or as we took to calling it, the snack plate of friendship. It started out as eight separate lots of goodies, but the children preferred to excitedly mix their dried snack foods!
feb 015
With Connor and family here we also watched some lion and dragon dances on Youtube, clashed cymbals and tambourines for a while (long enough to give the grown ups headaches!) and feasted. Admittedly the feast involved purchases of takeaway rice and noodles as accompaniments, as my wonderful planning involved the BIG assumption that I had such things in the house. In my defence, I usually do!
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