10 February 2011

Arty Play Assortment

Connor's new chalk board was discovered at their house this week. It has led to ours being used a whole lot more too. This is some of Jenna's work, assisted by Morgan later enthusiastically drawing zigzags all over everything lol.
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This one is Sonic, Spiderman, and Indiana Jones (all drawn by Jenna in honour of our beloved resident super-geek, Chris)!
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Jenna brought her latest book with her, a story she is writing about a little mermaid (borrowing heavily from the Hans Christian Anderson version, as well as from Ponyo and her own vivid imagination).
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Ack so grown up and beautiful already. I can see in her so much that is coming to fruition, she is positively blossoming. :)
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A congress of Misters! Love Chris pretending to be cross, and Connor finding it hilarious.
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Babies street-watching. :)
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My sweet Morgan was feeling a little lonesome one day last week. She wanted to play with Jenna, Jenna wanted to play alone. So I took her into the kitchen for a quiet painting session, just the two of us. She had been looking at some arty blogs the day before and look what she painted! Obviously inspired by this post here!
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Then this portrait of our family. She drew herself the smallest. I have purple hair and am the biggest person right in the middle of the page. I took it as a testament to how overflowingly happy she was to be painting with me! :)
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And lest you think Rowan was left out of this roundup, she is talking in full sentences all of a sudden. She coaxed a friends' apple from him this week by pointing at it and telling him it was "deeelishas!" She comes out with words I can't even swear for sure she has heard more than once. She is suddenly such a big presence in our house (noise wise especially)! I am followed around now by, "Huggle me! Row-a help make dinnaaa, pweesh, huggle me mummeeee, but I WUV youuu!"

A game in progress on the toy shelves or table. All these normal childhood things that I walk past, take for granted, and sometimes even resent. Yet it's miraculous, isn't it? Play, learning, love... All of it is so far beyond my understanding, so immensely beautiful. Every day, these children reinvent the wheel, for pure joy.
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A campfire in my living room, I can't say which child built it but they spent a happy day yesterday camping around it...
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And a new book for Jenna (love this very much, and she is just devouring it).
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Oh and a page from her Main Lesson book still on Chinese New Year. I loved this story, about a fisherman who catches a dragon in his net, reluctantly frees it thinking he will go hungry, and the dragon ensures he never struggles to land a catch ever again. :) See how she wrote in pencil, then decided it wasn't bright enough and carefully went over it in crayon? See the splash she drew around the tip of the tail?
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Yes, from the first time the baby says "mushroom" to the dancing potato people and their purple space ship (oh how I wish I had a picture of Morgan's spaceship!) and the confident storytelling and newly inspired writing, I am finding the three of them very very inspiring this week.
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  1. Lovely, Jenna is really inspired right now with her writing and drawing isn't she. All three of your lovely girls are finding new things, new developments.
    Love the Story of the World books, do you have the activity book too? Was wondering what it was like.

    happy week x

  2. Mia and Tarka are exactly like this right now too, from the moment they wake they are playing drawing, creating, filled with such vital energy.
    Mia had made and hung up a dinosaur mobile before 9am yesterday and performed a home made puppet show for us in the afternoon!

    Jenna's drawings are so fantastic, I love the fisherman story illustration, it's alive with energy. Morgan is growing and changing so much too, I've really noticed that in the last few photos of her. Your family are inspiring and lovely and I'm so glad you record some of the joys here for us :)
    Gina xxx

  3. Just wonderful! You are giving them the best start ever.

  4. Just beautiful.

    Love the play scenes.


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