21 February 2011

February Weekending

Attenborough singing its Fehruary symphony of green and silver-grey...
weekending 007
weekending 013
weekending 014
weekending 019
weekending 010
Remember this tree? All the way up, and back down again, my red-cloaked Jenna was singing to herself, "I can do it, I can do it, I am so brave, I am so strong!" *heart*
weekending 008
weekending 009
Finds on the Season Table.
weekending 006
And children dancing around in their PJs, is there anything better on a Friday night than a sister to swing and twirl you? :)
weekending 017
weekending 018
A quest for Jenna on Saturday, to seek surprises besides the roaring rushing river Dove.
weekending 024
weekending 025
weekending 030
weekending 020
A little golden pouch was her reward, containing a pendant from The Green Daisy to see her through so many changes (an early seventh birthday gift). Later she showed her grandma, proudly, and told her, "It's to remind me that I can always find my way."
weekending 029
weekending 034
Chef making our baked potatoes for tea. I made a chilli for with it using lentils, beans, lots of minced mushrooms, and home made oven roast vegetable soup. It's our new favourite meal. :)
weekending 036
Finished Pebble. Yay!
And using the leftover yarn for (would you believe it) my very first granny square.
weekending 039
Last but not least, my baby, dancing around the living room with Bunny (fixture of my early childhood). :)
weekending 023


  1. That pendant is just beautiful and what a lovely statement from your very confident almost seven year old!! A testimony to your parenting too, not just with J but the others... I loved the shared story about the shopping trip, no wonder your heart swelled in appreciation!!

    San xx

  2. What uplifting beautiful weekend photos,
    I love Jenna's big grin as she prepares to be chef!
    The pendant is such a lovely idea, I can't believe that both Jenna and Mia will be seven years old this year....

    Love Gina xx

  3. I love the direct look and the confidence in I can always find my way.
    Sarah, I just awarded you The stylish Blogger Award, it's over here:

  4. Thankyou, I was so touched to see that! :)

    I wasn't convinced there was anything hugely different about age seven, but she's teaching me... Things are changing for her so fast, it's strange to suddenly see that she holds herself differently in pictures and has this huge awareness of herself in conversation... :)


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