3 February 2011


My table and Jenna's handwriting practice have something in common. Oh how our week is flowing by, fuelled by festival and a sense of renewal.
feb 005
feb 002
Yesterday we bid farewell to King Winter, whose power is ending, and today we welcome in the new year in some of my favourite rituals. Chinese New Year is not my inherited or spiritual new year, yet truly it meshes with what I feel at this time of year. Yes! Bring on the clashing cymbals and the bright new clothes, hang the walls with red silk and make banners for the doors! Dance the lions and dragons through the streets! Yes!

And, my Facebook competition win, thanks to you Green Parent lot (many many thanks) and my other Facebook friends who responded to my begging post (!) new playsilks arrived. :) This colourway is Poppies, from Beneath the Rowan Tree. :)
feb 003

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