28 February 2011

Wild Weekend

Our Saturday walk took us to Stanton moor to walk the sandy paths amongst the bronze heather.
weekending 055
weekending 058
The sky was grey and dark, and the wind blew us all the coldest drizzle. It was wild and sparse and beautiful.
weekending 061
As I put up these pictures, Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten by Arvo Part is playing on Spotify. I highly recommend the eerily beautiful combination!
weekending 063
weekending 064
We walked and talked and explored our way to the standing stones, where Jenna was awestruck to touch something as ancient as the stories she has been reading this week. Imagining the lives of those people, in this place, so very long ago...
weekending 066
After bath time on Saturday night, Jenna asked me to plait her hair to make it wavy. My mum has done this for her before, and although I expected her to complain the entire time she did sit very still - I was much reminded that she does indeed know her own mind!
weekending 056
Leaving the house on Sunday morning (with a handful of chocolate chip oatcakes!) looking a bit too grown up for my liking. ;)
weekending 068
We were with Emma, Chris and Connor until really late this Sunday. Mostly lots of story reading, and running up and down. They do love each others' company. Frequent reminders of gentleness for the toddlers though (I am finding the concept of moving *with* them very helpful at the moment, for this age of imitation).
weekending 060
weekending 071
And a good helping of sisterly craziness, of course!
weekending 072

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