21 February 2011


Today, with Jenna spending her second day with my mum, I walked the other two into town in the rain to the wholefoods shop.

A lady stopped me on our way through the centre and told me she had been behind us most of the way and I have the two most WONDERFULLY behaved children! I said, "thankyou, they're lovely" but she said, "no, don't brush it off deary, they're a credit to you, you're doing a great job raising them, I've seen you, they listen to you, and it's kindness that gets their attention."

And then she was gone, and I was brushing away a tear as I distracted Rowan from the fourth sweet shop we had passed. Since usually if anyone comments at all, it's, "oh she's a lively one" or "you've got your hands full" or "gosh she has quite a voice", I am certainly relishing my moment of parental pride!

So our cupboards are full, and there are slivers of almond and a speckling of currants all over the living room since Rowan couldn't wait to get into the packets! Not exactly our normal Monday, but good nevertheless. :)
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  1. What a lovely comment from a stranger, it must have given you a real boost :)

    I love the feeling of having a cupboard stocked from the wholefood shop, so satisfying!

    Gina xxx

  2. Wonderful, what a great compliment

  3. It's so wonderful when that happens isn't it? What a nice thing to say, it's lovely when people take the time to say soemthing nice.

  4. Not many people would take the time, or feel able to stop you and comment, but I bet lots more folk think the same about you and your girls. It is always easier to complain than compliment, so I think this is a massive confirmation of your parenting. xxx

  5. If only more people felt able to compliment strangers the world would be a much lovlier place! xx


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