6 February 2011

Rainbow Gratitude

This week has been an odd one. So flowing and easy to begin with, and emotionally tricky and exhausting towards the end. I always thought the things I read about the seventh birthday and children reacting strongly to feeling that they are leaving the safety of childhood were, well, nonsense. In spite of me saying nothing at all of the sort, Jenna has been showing an un-looked-for leap in maturity and a corresponding emotional reaction. She destroyed something she was working on because it wasn't perfect, and has been asking for a lot of reassurance recently that she doesn't have to be "big" any time soon. I am planning some special celebrations just for her, comforting and wrapping her in my love, helping her feel her way through the changes she is obviously feeling.

Towards the end of this week, I was feeling basically that I was getting everything wrong! The weekend has already been such a needed respite. It's the little things, always, that lift me.
feb 017
feb 010
Rowan's cheeky smiles on a *particularly* early morning.
feb 007
feb 011
The house still in darkness, yet there is always so much joy here in the ordinary.
feb 016
feb 013
Ack, this baby! I keep telling myself I don't get to be broody with this little sunshine in my life. ;)
feb 004
Jenna telling her sisters The Three Billy Goats Gruff. *heart*
feb 001
Loving sibling playtimes. They are much more in harmony with each other this weekend!
park 026
park 004
park 001
Books to be devoured, taking me to all kinds of interesting places.
feb 014
A bit of watercolour painting time for mama...
park 002
park 003
New baby knitting. And no, not for us! Before my mother asks. ;)
park 005
And food on the go. A vegan sugar free wheat free date and banana cake which the children loved and I found (ironically) too sweet. And a tray of about-to-be oven roast veg for two meals later in the week. I am not feeling totally gracious about the housework today, or totally flowing and calm with the little people, but I can get on board with the food preparations. I am one of life's crisis-bakers.
feb 018
No matter how hard the week has been, there is SO MUCH to be grateful for. And I am, oh I am. Tired, ready for any personal space I can steal for myself, but so so grateful for this family, this home, this life, the love that surrounds me.


  1. Beautiful photos :)
    I seem to be having a 'one gentle flowing calm kind of day then one up in the air, grouchy all out of sorts day' kind of week, it's exhausting!
    It is always the little things isn't which bring us back to the moment where everything is just as it should be.

    Gina xxxx

  2. Hehe! Such lovely colour in there Sarah, and you are right, it's all the small things in life that we have to remember sometimes to be grateful for.

    Ooooh, oooh, and I reckonise that pattern, be it a pebble? ;)

  3. Yes, it is the tiniest Pebble ever! It's all finished now and I'm really impressed with myself. :)

    I am going to immediately cast on another for Rowan when I can afford more wool lol. I have a ball of preetty Riot hiding away, but I think I'd need two to make a Roo sized one... What's a mama to do?!

    That is Katia Nepal, and I love it, but it's so expensive! It would take nearly £12 worth of that wool to make a little toddler vest (eek).

  4. Love catching up with your blog mama! :)

    I am pretty sure you could get away with one ball of Riot for pebble you know. ;) I am making Phoebe a top (girls cap sleeved spring top ) in it and am amazed how far it's going! If you look on my ravelry you can see how much I have knit of it and I still have loads on the ball! I reckon you could knit her pebble and still have enough for a matching pixie hat at least!

    Can I be cheeky and ask for your cake recipe please? Looks yummy! x

  5. Right, I'll be casting on with that this afternoon then lol! :)

    I can't remember exactly (lol) but the cake was pretty much...
    100g spelt flour (just over I think, I didn't weigh very accurately)
    50g cocoa
    50g butter substitute or therabouts
    Good pour sunflower oil making fat up to over 100g!
    About 3tbsp apple sugar syrup
    Heaped tbsp apple puree (be generous with it!)
    Tsp molasses
    2 large ripe bananas (mashed)
    Handful chopped dates
    Small handful other assorted dried fruit for good measure
    tbsp bicarb, tbsp cider vinegar combined in advance in a cup

    Mix all together, bake on low for about half an hour!

  6. I am so glad you have already posted the recipe. I was about to ask for it too. An egg allergic son means I am always on the look out for good, egg free cakes.
    My lovely daughter was terrified by the idea of turning 7. She cried many tears over it. It seems such a big age. She is about to turn 8 and was musing about her fears of being 7 just yesterday. She says she is glad she became 7 because it has been great. Whether this Mama likes the idea of her getting older or not is another matter. :oD


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