26 September 2012

Yarn Along: wherein tidying takes the place of reading...

Adult socks: finished!  The pooling has made these look rather like melted candy cane - which the consensus is rather in favour of liking, but I find annoying.  Hmm.  Well they are a really neat plain pair of warm comfy socks, anyway, and the unintentional stripes are kind of funky!
Now I have no commissions at all, I am determined to get on with some Christmas knitting and have cast on both Morgan *and* Jenna's Christmas knits.  :)

I haven't had my usual late night or early morning reading times, because Talia's sleep is still all over the place after her nursing strike.  I did manage to write morning pages both yesterday and today though, which is amazing and has been on my self-care wish list for years.  :)  Plus, I am attempting the "if not now then when" approach to de-junking and sorting the messy areas of the house.  First on the list, the old microwave (evicted) and the fish tank (newly scrubbed and with very much happier fish)!
On my draining board, well, I was planning some dyeing tomorrow but the pot just happened to be out already, so...  :)

Joining in with Ginny for a weekly peek at current projects and reading.  :)


  1. Oh I keep meaning to write morning pages,hmm..I need to to this!
    I love those socks, but is it just me as they make my eyes go all funny lol :)

    1. I tucked my journal down the side of my mattress so I remember. :)

      The socks make my eyes go a little funny too, I was *not* expecting stripes out of that innocent looking ball of yarn!

  2. it is so interesting how some of these skeins knit up! i am in need of a little tidying and cleaning out too. happy fish, a good thing!


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