14 September 2012

Inside Outside and Everywhere

So...  I haven't meant to be quiet (ish) recently.  Pushing through a really dark couple of weeks left me sitting on the other side feeling just plain tired, and also rather more inward looking than usual.  I have spent a few days journalling on paper, painting, and following the girls around in their general craziness.






I find it hilarious seeing them in school uniform - they so desperately wanted some to play Harry Potter!  I don't think I've ever heard children begging and pleading for school clothes.

A couple of days were so busy the baby didn't even get as far as bed before falling asleep.

Actually, generally Talia isn't sleeping so well this past week.  I was putting it down to a growth spurt, but she has also been more restless and not feeding very well during the day.  Then I saw little white spots on her tongue, and the doctor confirmed thrush, and I am so so hoping that treating it will return little miss wakeful mad creature to her usual happy self!


Roo had a hair cut courtesy of Morgan.  Well, it was bound to happen to her sooner or later...  Those little baby curls are all gone!

Jenna has started drama group, and done more handstands than I dare attempt counting.  She has written stories, read lots of new books, and made countless messes with paint and paper beads and other tiny things.  (Right now I am struggling not to find the creative stuff stressful when I am always the person who ends up picking things up - or stopping the baby from eating them.)

I have walked the labyrinth in Wirksworth and left feeling lighter.  I have climbed the very very steep hill and realised just how soft I have become (and gone back to daily yoga as a result).

Before you ask, it's apparently a portkey.  ;)


Rowan has played with her shadow and hunted trolls under bridges.  Life is rather blissful to her at the moment.


And Talia is practically a tiny toddler now.  Unreasonably quickly.  This is, believe it or not, my least favourite age: no longer helpless and dependant and lying still in my arms.  Not yet talking back to me enough to have a conversation.  But yeah, I can't look at that little face and be anything but right here in the moment, not really.  Look at that smile.  :)


  1. Good to hear you are feeling recharged, I hope it lasts for you. Loving your pictures.

  2. Beautiful girls. :) I love that they wanted uniform to play Harry Potter! :)
    Have you seen the book Charmed Knits by any chance? Happy to lend it to you! ;) xx

    1. Will pop it in the post later in the week. ;) xx


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