15 September 2012

Saturday Thoughts

Outside my window... the hedge is bare and newly cut.  The sky is grey, and the reddish tiles of the terraces across the road are oppressively close.

I am thinking... about how very blessed I am to have these wild free beautiful children.  I am dreaming in fairy tale archetypes.  And planning new ways to work the tiny space of this house into a restful place I actually like to be.
I am thankful... for baby smiles and the colour yellow.  For cups of hot tea, goodbye kisses, picture books and cotton yarn.  For spiritual encouragement and cold wet grass under my feet as I run to the washing line in the early morning.  That Morgan's trip to the dentist went so well and easily, and she felt so very confident and calm.

In the kitchen... the dishes are piled rather high, and all of the food plans are in disarray, and lunch ended up being rice crackers, cheese, boiled eggs, mince pies (my first this year!) and strawberries.

I am wearing... stripy pyjamas!  Comfy and warm.  :)  It's just not a getting dressed kind of a day.

I am creating... I just cast off the last of some little collecting pouches, and some toddler welly socks are next on the list.  I just finished some more custom dyeing, and I have a list of Christmas knitting barely started.  I hand-sewed a kit bag for Jenna's new dance class, but it isn't quite done yet.
I am wondering... what goes through this funny little baby head.  She seems to have forgotten that her tongue is hanging out again...

I am hoping... we find the document for the car key code so that we can get a new key.  The alarm goes off every time we open the car at the moment (yes, this IS the new one!) and it's grating on my nerves.

I am looking forward to... some fun outings for the kidlets hopefully, this month.  But mostly I am SO looking forward to Martin getting home this evening, and beyond that, Martin having a few days off.  We planned for him to take holiday this week, but now it looks likely to be at least another week before he can.

I am learning... all over again the slow steady dragging crawl out of depression, how to cling to the good, and how important it is to remember to meet my own needs in the tug of small hands and chorus of small voices.

Around the house... I have one less child for a while, as she walks around the reservoir with my mum.  Morgan is drawing while she listens to some classical music, and Rowan is running around rescuing sea creatures with the help of some small plastic Octonauts.  Talia is crawling around with a crayon in one hand and an expression of determination.  Where she is taking that crayon is anyone's guess.

A few plans for the rest of the week... going to visit friends further away (just for a day trip).  I think a fairly normal week this week.  Library, swim, that sort of thing.  Next weekend should be fun, as it's Derby Feste and the Woodland Festival at Elvaston Castle, all rolled into one mad weekend.  :)

A peek into my day...


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  1. I think Talia looks so much like your husband in this last picture. Hope you are having a good weekend.

    1. As she gets older she looks more and more like Morgan, who looks the most like Martin of all the children. :) :)


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