6 September 2012

Windows into our lives

Looking through my photographs today, I realise I have been taking more than usual this week.  Perhaps the gradual crawl out of a dark place.  Perhaps the start of the new school year leaving me feeling a little bit anxious to document, so that if/when the LEA start pestering I can feel confident of my defence.  Perhaps it is the gentle push to keep records FOR the girls (rather than "about" them) thanks to Lori Picket's book.  Perhaps it is the energy and joy of the upswing in the cycle of our lives, the balance to the emptier calmer times when we do less and process more.  I don't know.  My camera is in my hands a lot, whatever the reason.

At one time I would have worried that the camera was coming between me and the moment, a distraction, stopping me from being engaged.  Instead, I have found over the years that the drive to capture only comes when I am more emotionally available.  And the lens helps me to really SEE the beauty in the ordinary.
Yesterday we spent the morning at sling meet, then most of the afternoon between the living room and garden.  Tree climbing.  Reading.  Watching Avatar.  Talking.  Play with the dolls house and lego.  It was another good day.  

Today has been faster paced, more home-based, but much busier.  Helping Daddy change a bulb.  Train tracks and other puzzles.  Reading reading and more reading.  Playing doctor and using the reference books from the library.  Garden play.  Pottermore, French lessons, and phonics, taking turns on the computer.  Weaving.  Maths: rounding to the nearest ten and the nearest hundred.  Cooking (Jenna made lamb stew all by herself).







Morgan:  "STOP IT Rowan, I can brush my hat myself!"




I'm off to eat the delicious smelling dinner my big girl made, now.  :)  I'm feeling very blessed.


  1. lovely as always. loving the camper van shoes by the way. what a clever girl Jenna is to make you all dinner! i hope it was as lovely as it sounded. xx

    1. Those booties were one of the only things we bought for Tali before she was born. :)

      And dinner was gorgeous!

  2. "And the lens helps me to really SEE the beauty in the ordinary." Yes, to this. My 5 year old harvested and chopped all of the ingredients for fresh salsa today and I couldn't help snapping photos and grinning and watching her 2 year old sister peel garlic and grinning. Sometimes the camera keeps me from interfering and gives ME something to do when I'm not immediately needed :)
    Thanks for the joyful peek through the window

    1. Aw what a lovely moment to capture. :)

  3. So glad those darker days are behind you lovely mama.
    I have to say I LOVE that wonderful photo of dear sweet Morgan sat there with her hat, it made my day :):) xx

    1. She's a funny duckling. :) That picture is *so* Morgan! :)

  4. I love your day-in-the-life posts. It's like a glimpse into my future for me. ;) Lovely photos of your beautiful and very clever girls.
    So glad you are feeling brighter mama xXx


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