25 September 2012

(extended) Weekending: woodlands, fruit, and the carnival of the bizarre and beautiful

What a busy crazy few days!  Well, I don't even know where to start.

Raspberry yoghurt icecream, plum and pear crumble, we have been baking - and using up a glut of fruit both gathered and bought.
We even had leftover crumble for breakfast this morning.  What better way to start a cold Autumn day?


Derby Feste was brilliant and kooky and fascinating.  From the strange man dancing with leeks, to the giant over-engineered machine, to the marble run the kids were encouraged to add bits too with wood and nails and elastic bands and various bits of junk...  Oh, and of course, the man with the giant balloon...






The baby emptied the picnic bag when we got home and finished off the Tzatziki...

Then on Sunday it was the Woodland Festival, which was if anything even more wonderful (and occasionally even more bizarre).

As last year, we stayed and listened to the Wild Man of the Woods for a long time, spellbound.


The girls helped to make their own besom brooms.

And we finished off the day with the duck race, which was less a duck *race* and more a duck *push*.  Never have I less envied any person their job than the poor lad knee high in duck-smelling water, trying to shove the plastic ducks in the right direction with his rake...



(I love this window.  I can't help take pictures of it; uneven, reflective, worn, beautiful.)

Then yesterday was Connor's third birthday (I know!) and we stayed most of the day for one extended party.  Talia had a twelve hour nursing strike.  And I had no sleep whatsoever because I finally persuaded her to dream feed and she made up for lost time!  So.  Four days.  This week really *has* to be a slow-down kind of week...  (On the other hand, I *know* I have sat down at some point this weekend, because I have nearly finished the socks I'm knitting!)


  1. Thankgoodness for dream feeds ... you must have been desperate for her to nurse!!

    What a lot you have done, such fun for the kids and memory making for sure.

    A happy birthday greeting for Connor.

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragment and prayers, they are most appreciated.

    San xx

    1. I was pretty desperate. Jenna came and lay next to us and cried she was so sad that baby and I were both crying. :( Thank goodness for skin to skin and night feeds. :)

      (hugs to you mama)

  2. "Woodland Festival" sounds brilliant!
    I love that happy, food covered face :)

    1. She does look very pleased with herself. :)

      The woodland festival is amazing, it's all handcrafts and eco living and wildlife and survivalism! The Wild Man of the Woods is simply brilliant, and a fascinating person to chat to as well. If you get the chance to see him, do! :)

  3. How wonderful to have events like these on your doorstep!

    I'm mourning England, really miss it. I am so detached from nature here, my soul bleeds. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I can only imagine. We are so lucky. I am sure your travels have had their compensations. Sending thoughts of damp grey English Autumn. xxx

  4. Happy Birthday to Connor! :)

    So glad Talia started nursing again - Phoebe went on strike around 9 months and it was so stressful! I remember it well.

    Love the besoms and tzatziki face! :) xx

    1. It felt like a very long day by the time she was hysterical! :S We have had such a wonderful week, and I am counting my blessings and glad to have a healthy happy baby again!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday to Connor.

    The Woodland Festival looks really good - I wonder how far it would be from here next year.

    Breastfeeding strike must've been uncomfortable, I had forgotten quite how heavy breasts can feel when not regularly fed from (I noticed when we were at the beach and Anna slept for quite a while rather than her very regular, sometimes constant, feeding at home).


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