29 September 2012


Season table change over for Autumn.  Happy happy happy!

Friends over for the afternoon, and a visit from Grandad, and a generally sociable time today.

Golden cloaks, sanding and polishing the wooden swords, singing harvest songs, Waldorf painting stories, listening the relevant chapter of Voyage of the Dawntreader, and baking dragon bread.

Yes, as always, our dragon bread is frankly ugly and misshapen.  But delicious, anyway.  Especially with a hearty stew.

Since I effectively missed all but the barest essentials of the High Holy Days this year, and we are barely managing to use our booth in the garden with the freezing cold week we are having... spending today really thinking and talking about what we wish to leave behind, and what is really essential to fight for, work for, and carry with us on our journeys, has been immensely positive for me.

For me, my "dragon" of the moment is control, and the panic and unneccesarily raised voice that goes with every loss of my ability to control others.  This is the primary habit I want to outgrow this season.  As for where it comes from and how it can be lost, well, as Terry Pratchet puts in the mouth of a very wise witch, "people as things, that's where it begins."
Oh Great Light, grant me the strength to begin again and leave behind unhealthy habits.  Help me shed this dragon skin, and treat my family as sacred whole human beings, companions, and not as objects to be managed.


  1. We made dragon bread for the first time and yes it is ugly and mishapen but lets face it dragons are horrid creatures anyway. That is unless you are a Welsh Heraldic dragon running by the name of Idris ( think Ivor the Engine!)

    As always you speak words of beauty and wisdom that lies far beyond your years.

    Love and hugs to you all

    San and co xx

  2. oh you could have written my thoughts. i am so in need of control in my life and hoe. i see it. i hear it yet i find it hard to stop. I will join you on this journey if you don't mind a tag along! We also made our Dragon bread today! One of our new festivals in our family but one of my personal favourites!

  3. Sweetie, Sukkot only started last night, so you still have a whole week to dwell in your sukkah! We only finished building ours yesterday. I was also told by one of our Rabbis that Sukkot is a joyous festival. It is a mitzvah to dwell in the sukkah, but a bigger mitzvah to be happy over the festival - so if dwelling in the sukkah makes you unhappy because of the weather you shouldn't do it! Good old Jewish pragmatism :) We tend to have lunches in the sukkah when the weather is kind enough - apparently eating in it counts as "dwelling" - you don't actually need to sleep in it.


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